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Coworking Spaces in Lagos | See List and Locations

Are you looking for Coworking spaces in Lagos? Check out a comprehensive list of Coworking spaces and their locations.

The world is in a global spin, and IT is championing that cause. New businesses that require less face-to-face interactions are springing up. The drawback is that more people now see the need to run businesses from home. Hence, office spaces witness a decline in demand and are occupied by large corporations.

However, it is still necessary to have an office space, to close some kind of business deals. Since you work from home, you don’t need big office space, hence the need for Coworking spaces. These spaces are available for briefings, meetings, seminars, training, and even private sessions. Some lease these spaces hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. What are the advantages peculiar to Coworking spaces in Lagos?

Coworking Spaces in Lagos And Their Benefits

There are several advantages to using Coworking spaces. Kindly read the thoughts below.

Networking and Community Events

With Coworking spaces in Lagos, there is an increased tendency to connect. There is an influx of people you otherwise wouldn’t meet, if not for the ability to share a workspace.

Reduced Loneliness / Increased Connection

Working from home could be less fun, unlike when you share a workspace. You become surrounded by professionals from various fields. Hence, you pick a thing or two as regards knowledge. This helps reduce the feeling associated with isolation.

Access to Shared and Private Spaces

In terms of design, Coworking spaces are much more than your standard office as there are no cubicles. There’s plenty of space for collaboration with your teams across expansive lounges, convenient desks, glass-walled private offices, and conference rooms with writable walls.

Flexibility and Cost Savings

If you intend to save costs on rent, making use of Coworking space is your best bet. Payment terms are flexible and you pay on the go, just for the space you need. There are no compulsory long-term leases and the flexibility option helps you grow at your own pace.

Remote Access

With Coworking spaces in Lagos, working while travelling is instantly more achievable when you know there’s accessible WiFi, a comfortable place to work, and office essentials. Essentials like printing and coffee are just a card-swipe away.

Enhanced Productivity

Do you want to simulate your home/work environment? Coworking spaces blend a range of work environments to cater for different work styles. This enhances productivity.

Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

Staying innovative and creative in the face of uncertainty are traits peculiar to smart businesses. Breaking out of your comfort zone, meeting new people, and working in different settings help harness these traits. You can experience these in a coworking environment.

Wellness and Work-life Balance

Coworking spaces in Lagos include design elements that help you relax while you work. Experts link exercising during the workday to increased productivity and enhanced cognitive ability.

Enhanced Structure

A workday at home can pass in a blur, with minimal structure and without a commute to separate home life from work responsibilities. As a result, this schedule can have you working long past the time you should have clocked off.

Coworking Spaces in Lagos And Their Locations

Let us cut to the chase and provide you with Coworking spaces in Lagos you can access. Continue below!

Workbay – Ikeja, Maryland, Lagos Island

Coworking Spaces in Lagos

Workbay is a Coworking space in Lagos that aims to provide comfortable shared working spaces in a serene environment. They ensure productivity, profitability, and an environment that helps achieve business excellence. Shared spaces available include virtual offices, workstations, board rooms, private offices, and lounges. These shared spaces provided come complete with:

  • Constant Power Supply
  • Reception Service
  • Unique Office Address
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Unlimited Internet
  • Office Assistant
  • Car Park Access
  • Office Cleaner
  • Security

The fee to access any of these services ranges between NGN 5,000 and NGN 150,000. Clients can access their plans hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly. Workbay has Coworking spaces in Ikeja, Maryland, The City Mall, Onikan, and Lekki Phase 1. For more information, visit WORKBAY!

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