Eko Atlantic City | All the Facts You Need To Know

Have you heard of Nigeria’s international commerce city, popularly known as the Eko Atlantic City? If you haven’t, I guess you are not staying with the latest updates happening in the commercial city of Lagos.

The Eko Atlantic is a new city set to rise out of the Atlantic ocean just adjacent to Victoria Island, in Lagos state. Eko Atlantic will also satisfy needs for financial, commercial, residential, and tourist accommodations, with infrastructure in line with modern and environmental standards.

It is also a focal point for investors capitalizing on rich development growth based on massive demand – and a gateway to emerging markets of the continent.

Here are all the facts you need to know about the popular Eko Atlantic City. In some paragraphs, I would replace Eko Atlantic city with the acronym EAC.

Eko Atlantic City Facts

eko atlantic city

The details about the Eko Atlantic city discussed below are facts and can also be verified across various mass media.

Eko Atlantic City Size

The Eko Atlantic city sits on 10 million square meters of land reclaimed from the ocean. This is 5 times the size of the country, Monaco. The city would be home to some 300,000 families and also provide jobs for some 250,000 people.

Eko Atlantic City Funding

Contrary to what people may think, the Eko Atlantic is privately funded 100%. South Energyx Nigeria Limited is the money bag, as well as the developers and city planners. They are also a subsidiary of Chagoury Group of Companies.

However, they are in partnership with the Lagos State Government and are also supported by the Federal government. The following Nigerian banks are partners of the project – FCMB, First Bank, Access Bank, and Guaranty Trust Bank. BNP Paribas is their international counterpart. 

Great Wall of Lagos

eko atlantic city

People fear the EAC could be eroded as a result of surges from the ocean. Not to worry, the great wall of Lagos keeps the city safe. The wall is about 8.5 kilometres long and made of 100,000 concrete blocks (accropodes).

The concrete blocks weigh 5 tons each and interlock loosely to form an effective barrier. This barrier also dispels the force of the waves and provides the primary armoured sea defence.

This wall can withstand the worst expected storms over 1,000 years. Dutch firm Royal Haskoning is responsible for its design and construction. Relax!

Eko Atlantic City Foundation

Obviously, the city is built on water, after land reclamation. Do you know how much sand was put into the ocean? 140 million tonnes of sand. Yes! 95 million cubic meters of sand have been moved from the floor of the Atlantic by the Belgian company, Dredging International.

In a simple understanding, that is pouring about 1,496,534 40FT containers of sand into the ocean. Wow.

Infrastructures of the Eko Atlantic

Are you also thinking of becoming a resident of the EAC? Think no more as you stand to enjoy so many perks as a resident of the city. Furthermore, see the benefits listed below:

  • Independent 24/7 power supply ( I am sure everyone would love this).
  • Water and wastewater treatment.
  • Fibre-optic communication connections to every plot of land. (No more struggle with inefficient internet networks).
  • The city delivers plots of land with a connection to utility services.
  • Elevated street levels to also accommodate basement parking above groundwater. (Tell me we are in Tokyo already).
  • Seamless deed of assignment and construction approval process.
  • Building in a city specifically planned for medium to high-density development.

Value-added amenities within the city include:

  • A 10.2km long waterfront promenade. (Take a walk or morning run across the ocean view).
  • 2 large marinas are connected by an internal waterway.

Eko Atlantic City Designers

This architectural masterpiece is a product of ideas from two of the world’s foremost practices in the field. AR+H ARCHITECTS and MZ ARCHITECTS are the official designers of the EAC. The former also creates unique architectural designs for structures of excellence.

The company also prides itself on an atelier-style approach to creativity and was founded in 1970. Mz Architects is also one of the foremost architect practices in Africa, with offices in Lebanon, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Morocco, and Libya.

The group provides specialized architectural, engineering, and construction management services for the residential, industrial, commercial and urban planning activities that are also central to the development of Eko Atlantic.

Districts of The EAC

There are ten (10) districts within the Atlantic city namely:

  • Harbour Lights
    • The Harbour Lights is a region inside Eko Atlantic also consisting of high-rise towers to create a picturesque skyline.
  • Business District
    • With its central boulevard spanning 2 km in length and 60 m in width, the Business District is the business hub of the project.
  • Marina
    • The Marina District is a residential area as well as a place for socializing and leisure.
  • Downtown
    • Living the city life has never been easier in the Downtown area.
  • Eko Island
    • Eko Island is another residential area for living a life in style.
  • Avenues
    • The Avenues district of Eko Atlantic is filled with major green avenues, as its name suggests.
  • Four Bridges
    • With various accommodation options, the Four Bridges area is a district of residential housing, recreation, and commercial activity.
  • Eko Drive
    • A point of access between Lagos and Eko Atlantic, the Eko Drive district is a perfect mix of residential and commercial.
  • East Side Marina
    • The East Side Marina is a cluster of buildings and tree-lined streets offering shops, restaurants, and bars.
  • Ocean Front
    • The Ocean Front is a mainly residential area with facilities and attractions for tourists.

They grouped these districts across various categories of structures such as luxury residential homes, premium business locations, and tourist and entertainment areas. Other categories are restaurants, department stores, and recreational facilities.

Completed Structures in the EAC Presently

Operational within the city are the Eko Pearl Towers A and B as the only fully completed structures currently. The developers would complete more structures in a couple of months, thus giving the city a more realistic view.

Eko Atlantic City Controversy

There is hardly a project without controversy and the Eko Atlantic city is no different. Local residents living nearby criticize the Eko Atlantic city construction. They say ongoing construction works have caused coastal erosion and ocean surges in recent times.

Furthermore, the ocean water surges through living areas, thus flooding access roads and taking down electricity poles. This has also forced a section of residents to relocate.

However, developers of the city say that the great wall of Lagos would do just enough to prevent a repeat of what happened in 2012 when the area was eroded. The city looks safe to me and would be a masterwork of art when it is also completed.

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