Choosing Kitchen Floor Tiles in Nigeria

When selecting the best kitchen floor tiles, it’s crucial to balance beauty with utility. How do you want to use the space on a daily basis? How much wear and tear will the floor endure? You should also consider the location of your kitchen in your home.

Other factors to consider include other issues such as pets and children. All of these aspects will influence how your floor is used and the foundation you require.

The Architect is here to give you tips on choosing the best kitchen floor tiles for your project.

What is the Best Floor For A Kitchen?

Kitchen Floor Tiles

Tiles would be the greatest and most durable alternative for a kitchen floor. This is in comparison to other flooring options such as laminate, vinyl, and wood flooring. The type of tile chosen is determined by the space’s intended purpose and the amount of traffic it will receive over time.

What Type of Tiles Are Best For Kitchen Floor?

Porcelain tiles or natural stone tiles would be the ideal tiles for a kitchen floor. This depends on how your kitchen is used. Both of these alternatives are tough and long-lasting, allowing them to survive a lot of use over time.

Our kitchen floor tiles advise would be to avoid natural stone if you have a lot of activity in the kitchen daily. Activities such as being an avid baker, allowing the kids to help with the cooking, or if you’re a little clumsy. Stone is porous, and if it is not sealed and handled properly and on a regular basis, it will discolour and mark over time.

What is the Easiest Kitchen Floor To Keep Clean?

Porcelain tiles are considerably easier to clean than genuine stone tiles since there is less risk of ruining the sealant or leaving wet traces. Because most porcelain is micro-sealed during production, it is extremely resistant to wear and tear and requires little maintenance.

Given the nature of the space, a mid-tone floor tile would be a good choice. This means it won’t show as much dirt as a light tile, but it won’t show grease marks, hair, or dust as well as a dark tile. We also recommend using a darker grout colour to keep it appearing newer for longer.

Type of Kitchen Floor Tiles Effect

In choosing the best kitchen floor tiles, you should also look at what effect you are trying to achieve besides quality. Here are a couple of effects you can imitate while you ensure your kitchen looks like it was finessed.

Wood Effect Tiles

Wood effect tiles are a terrific way to bring warmth to your kitchen by imitating the look of real wood flooring. Kitchen Floor TilesThe knots and grain printed on the surface give beauty and texture to your area while also offering a sturdy and functional surface. You may build different laying patterns based on the aesthetic you want to achieve. This is possible because they come in a variety of tones and forms. Matching grout colours are also available, allowing you to create a realistic-looking wood floor that won’t scratch or mark easily, which is ideal if you have pets or children.

Concrete Effect Tiles

When it comes to mid-toned flooring, a grey concrete look is appropriate. It’s a long-lasting finish that works well in both modern and classic settings when executed correctly.

For those looking for a minimalist or Scandi-inspired style, a concrete look tile is a great option; you can warm it up by pairing it with natural woods and warmer metals like burnished brass or gold.

Patterned Tiles

A patterned tile is definitely one to consider if you want to add the wow factor. The pattern adds vibrancy and individuality to the space. If styled correctly, may be used in a variety of interior schemes.

A patterned tile is wonderful for creating a zone, which is especially vital in a more open plan living room, as well as making a space feel bigger if you choose the proper pattern. Switching from patterned tiles to a wood look, for example, can help to separate the kitchen and eating spaces.Kitchen Floor Tiles

If you choose a porcelain tile, you can also discover if it’s suitable for outdoor use. This gives you the option to open up your home as an extension. At the same time, connects your room to the outside using bi-fold doors. This not only provides you with more space and also connects you to nature. This in turn encourages a healthy lifestyle and makes your kitchen a peaceful and uplifting area to be in.

Last Words

In summary, the ideal kitchen floor tiles for use are porcelain. If your kitchen is often busy, go with a neutral grey tile with a deeper grout line. However, if you want more thrill, go with a lovely patterned tile.

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