Choosing Between Granite Or Marble Kitchen Countertops

The choice between granite or marble countertops for the kitchen always poses a basis for argument when matters of the kitchen arise.

An average Nigerian spends roughly 3 hours a day in the kitchen. These stats are accurate for people who prepare Nigerian Delicacies, fresh off the burner daily.

If this is the case, there’s every reason to make sure the kitchen is comfortable for carrying out this passion. It is also imperative to have nice features made out of long-lasting materials.

To help you with choosing between granite or marble countertops for your kitchen, it will help to compare them.

What are their characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages? If you know this, you are well on your way to making the right choice as it suits you.

These countertops are both naturally occurring stone materials Yes! But you should take into consideration the following below, before making a choice on either granite or marble countertops for your kitchen.

Consider This Before Choosing A Granite Or Marble Countertop For Your Kitchen

granite or marble countertops


Is there a maintenance culture at home? Your kitchen countertops would encounter a lot of stains most times when in use.

How quickly are you ready to tidy up the kitchen after a meal preparation? This factor when considered, helps you narrow your choice, in the selection of a kitchen countertop.


Your lifestyle around the kitchen is also a factor to consider before you decide on granite or marble countertops. How often do you cook? Do you cook every day?

When you cook, how do you make use of the countertops? Do you like to use a chopping board or do you prefer the countertop? Think about this and eliminate the options.


How much of a pattern or compliment do you want your countertop to add? The aesthetics of the countertop is as important as its functionality. When your countertop complements the interior feel of the space, you just might want to move your bedroom to the kitchen.


Your health should be paramount. There is a high percentage of the occurrence of bacteria in the kitchen. The choice of granite or marble countertops influences this hygiene.

Avoid countertops with grooves as they can hold dirt and lead to bacteria growth if they are not cleaned properly. This is a major reason to avoid tiles.


If you’re considering a long-term installation, this is the most critical factor to consider. If you want a heavy-duty kitchen at home, choose materials that are heat, scratch, burn, and chip resistant.

Engineered stone countertops are extremely durable, making them ideal for high-traffic kitchens. Granite and marble are also resistant to scratches and heat, but they must be sealed.


It’s also essential to examine the price range while choosing the best materials to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. You must prioritize your needs over your budget in order to be satisfied with your investment. Natural materials may be difficult to maintain and costly, but they are a hard bargain.

Now that we have listed factors that affect your choice for countertops, see how to make the right choice below.

Tips For Choosing Marble Or Granite Countertops For The Kitchen

When deciding between marble and granite for your kitchen counters, comparing the two might assist you in making an informed decision. Despite the fact that granite and marble are both natural stones, they offer distinct advantages and disadvantages in the kitchen.

Factors such as degree of hardness, chosen aesthetics, stain and mar resistance, and general lifetime and durability will affect them.

Look at these final tips below before making a decision on granite or marble countertops for your kitchen.

Scratch and Stain Resistance


  • Natural granite is a firm non-porous stone that is scratch and stain-resistant. You can cut through stone without damaging the surface. The only drawback is your knives get dull quickly or become damaged.
  • Granite has low porosity hence spilt liquids usually leave no streaks after being cleaned.


  • Marble is a softer and porous stone than granite, making it vulnerable to scratches from sharp things like kitchen knives.
  • It is also vulnerable to stains from watery or oily substances. A sealer applied to a marble countertop acts as a barrier to liquids, making them less prone to stain the surface.

Heat or Chemical Damage


  • Granite countertops are heat resistant, thus showing no significant changes when exposed to high temperatures (temperatures from the kitchen though, lol). When you set a hot pan directly on a granite countertop, it usually does not leave any signs, such as melting or burn marks.
  • It is naturally resistant to chemicals and other acidic substances.


  • Although marble is heat resistant, it is essential to use a trivet underneath a hot pan to avoid surface discolouration. An irreversible etch mark appears on marble when acidic liquid contents are spilt on it.

Cracking or Chipping

All solid surfaces have the potential to chip when in contact with a deft hard blow. Granite and marble being crystalline in nature are not exempted from this effect. However, see below.


  • Granite is highly unlikely to chip under normal everyday kitchen use.


  • Natural marble is a much softer material than granite. It is more prone to chips and cracks under frequent, everyday employment as a kitchen countertop.

Aesthetics and Ease of Maintenance


  • Granite countertops complement upscale living in the kitchen.
  • Sealing granite countertops to provide an additional layer of protection is optional.
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth.
  • Avoid bleach, ammonia, or other harsh cleaning agents.
  • Granite is less expensive and easily affordable.


  • The design bar for building an elite, luxury kitchen is set by marble worktops.
  • With a marble kitchen counter, manufacturers strongly recommend that you seal this highly porous material.
  • Wipe down marble countertops with a clean, damp cloth for everyday cleaning. It is imperative to also make sure to dry the surface immediately.
  • Avoid bleach, ammonia, or other harsh cleaning agents.
  • Marble is a more expensive countertop for your kitchen activities.

With these few tips, you would be able to make the right choice for kitchen countertops. Learn to spot the difference between granite and marble sheets as well.

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  2. Hi,

    you guys are awesome.
    I sometimes do doubt whether things are as black/white as you guys make it seem: so simple to grasp. I have a question: would you say that the aesthetical advantage of marbles (sealed) outweighs the very numerous advantages of granite? This is because you agreed that the marble represents the gold-standard of an upscale kitchen counter/ bathroom vanity.
    I have always preferred marbles over granites but now, having read this article, I am not so sure anymore.
    Once again, I am super grateful for your inciteful blogs

    • Thank you for your kind words, Mr. Duke. Regarding your question, from my perspective, the answer is Yes. For some people, the aesthetical advantage is what works for them. However, we are trying to make people choose functionality over aesthetics first. There’s no point picking marble over the numerous advantages of granite, but then I understand that there’s a design scheme already in play for the client, which doesn’t suit the dark-colored functional granite. It’s all about perspective though. The clients want what they want but can compromise if you have a strong point.

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    Kudos to you guys for amazing informative site that give a layman like me the opportunity to know more about what it takes to build a house., thanks for being a positive influence in the society.
    Having said that, I will like to know your opinion about the current roofing style being use by developers nowadays when compared to the old version in terms of cost and durability. Thanks

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