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When it comes to residential structures, you can find several house designs in Nigeria. Although there are conventional building designs in Nigeria, you can have a design that is unique to your own specifications. To get these design drawings, you can either contact us or consult an architect or design firm of your choice.

In the quest to educate you on house designs in Nigeria, you should know that your requirements or specifications are centred around the common house types in Nigeria. These types of houses include the conventional designs below:

  • Bungalow designs
  • Duplex designs
  • Terraces/Blocks of flats designs
  • Mixed-use designs

Most house designs in Nigeria, are centred and modified around these housing types listed above. If you are looking to purchase Nigerian house plans or designs, we at are positioned to prepare the required drawings with pleasure.

That being said, 99.9% of the time, drawings are never shopped. This article has a heading that depicts the sale of house designs in Nigeria. To be fair, some people just purchase building plans and then set out to build but that is not the best approach. There are certain factors that affect the Nigerian house plans you see all over the internet. Factors such as those that are explained below.

Factors That Affect House Designs in Nigeria

Although these design drawings may seem like the real deal, they are very unique in the following attributes:

Client’s Specifications

In as much as the design plan seems to fit, there’s always going to be something that needs an adjustment. All clients are unique and thus require different specifications. Client A may have a thing for empty large spaces, while client B is ok with a functional space. This may lead to adjusting the drawings by way of increasing or decreasing the available spaces. In the end, the final outcome of the design is affected.

The basic spaces required in a 3 bedroom bungalow for instance include the following:

  • 3 bedrooms, including the master bedroom.
  • The main lounge.
  • The kitchen and Dining area.
  • A storage area in the kitchen and/or a box room.
  • Terraces.

A new client may want to add a study, a prayer room, or even a playroom and a private lounge. In the end, there’s really no need for shopping for house designs in Nigeria, off the shelf. Simply contact us and give us your requirements which we would work on.

Site Location / Land Area

The site location or land area is another factor to consider while shopping for house designs in Nigeria. Since the previous design was done for a client on a given site location, there’s every tendency the design may not work for you.

Client A has the existing access road facing the longer side of his site, while the access road faces the shorter side of client B’s site. Not to mention the prevailing wind direction which is considered when sighting rooms and spaces. This analysis is done to ensure all spaces receive adequate ventilation and lighting.

In the end, the building is being rotated on the new site and may likely not fit.

Building Requirements

Besides your own requirements as the client, the locality, province, state, or estate may have certain requirements on certain building types. Requirements such as:

  • Building type – This could be a consensus to have just bungalow designs within the area.
  • Spatial arrangement – A certain type of way the spaces are to be arranged.
  • External colour finish
  • Unique roofing style
  • Other requirements

These requirements will affect the design concept, size, or shape in the end. Check out the article below on hiring an architect.

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In conclusion, it is difficult to shop building designs in Nigeria and never have them edited. If they would be edited, why not start a design from scratch with your requirements taken down in a notepad. See some house designs below, as obtained within the Nigerian built environment.

Bungalow House Designs in Nigeria

See some bungalow house design ideas in Nigeria below.

Duplex House Designs in Nigeria

Furthermore, if you imagine what duplex design ideas look like in Nigeria, see the pictures below.

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