Types of Houses in Nigeria With Pictures

In the classification of houses, there are unique types of houses in Nigeria as regards this subject. This article seeks to educate on the types of houses in Nigeria as seen around. Across the built environment, I have heard people refer to a building with the wrong title.

They switch the names forgetting that there is a reason for the names associated with the various houses in Nigeria. We saddle the field of architecture with designing these various structures. All in an aesthetically pleasing nature to beautify the environment. This is secondary though, as the primary function of a structure is to provide shelter.

Without further delay, let us dive into the distinct types of houses in Nigeria. Pictures would be included so you see or understand what they look like.

Types of Houses in Nigeria

We define these housing types from an architectural point of view. This is the only way to understand correctly what they entail. After reading this article, I am certain you would not mix up housing types again during descriptions.


Types of Houses in Nigeria

We define a bungalow as a low house. Having just one floor to accommodate a single-family. It comprises one complete apartment. Usually having a lounge area, dining area, bedrooms (en-suite or not), and kitchen (with a pantry or not).

This is the cheapest type of house to own in Nigeria.  However, this statement is relative as there are factors that affect the cost of building a bungalow. Also, note that a bungalow can come with attachments which thus gives it a unique name.

Some of these attachments comprise a separate living space hence its name. See some of these combinations below:

Bungalow with a Penthouse

This is a bungalow that has a penthouse attached to it. A penthouse comprises a separate living space for one person. It is usually on a separate floor above the original floor of a building.

Semi-detached / Detached Bungalow

Some people say they want a bungalow that would house their immediate families and then have an attachment with a separate entrance to house a separate family. These could share a single roof but are separated by a single wall. We call this a “semi-detached bungalow”.

Also, we separate these apartments completely but place them on the same property, hence called a “detached bungalow”. We only use the term “detached bungalow” when putting both buildings in context. If it will be a single apartment on a property, we refer to it as a bungalow.


Types of Houses in Nigeria

A “duplex” in the international environment is a house plan with two living units attached to each other, either next to each other as townhouses, condominiums, or above each other like apartments. This evidently states that duplex houses over one family in different apartments. However, in the Nigerian setting, a duplex houses a single-family.

It comprises a public living space on one floor (usually the ground floor) and a private living space on the first floor. In the Nigerian space, a duplex comprises two (2) floors with one floor stacked on the other.

It is common to find duplexes across every nook and cranny of colossal cities in Nigeria. Most times they depict the wealthiness of oneself in Nigeria and are not cheap to own. Click here to see the cost of building a duplex.

Just like the bungalow, a duplex can come in the combination below.

Duplex with a Penthouse

Just like the bungalow, we could attach a penthouse to a duplex.

Semi-detached / Detached Duplex

As explained for the bungalow, a duplex could come combined with a separate apartment but share a common wall. We term this a “semi-detached duplex“. If the property is a duplex with a separate apartment building, we refer to this as a “detached duplex“. 

Terraced Buildings / Townhouses

We define terraced buildings as a row of adjoining buildings where each building has a wall built at the line of juncture between itself and the adjoining property. The adjoining property provides structural support to itself and a building on the adjoining property.

We build terraced buildings side-by-side with other terraces (joined) — forming a tight row down a road or block or the inside of a gated estate. Terraced buildings (also called townhouses) have similar features such as the following below:

  • The buildings have the same design.
  • The heights of the building are usually the same, and colour.

Terraced buildings could be a single floor, two floors, or multiple floors, housing single or multiple apartments. When they are single-floored buildings housing a single apartment, we could refer to them as terraced bungalows. If they have over one-floor housing a single apartment, we term them terraced duplexes.

Other Terms Associated With Types of Houses in Nigeria

Below contains a list of other terms associated with types of houses in Nigeria. Some sections of the populace use these terms thinking they mean something different. However, they are just repetitions of the “types of houses in Nigeria” listed above. Look below:

Semi-detached / Detached (Bungalow, Duplex, Terraces)

As explained under “Bungalow and Duplex” we relatively use these terms, according to the building design.

Block of Flats

“Block of flats” is a term used to describe multiple flats on either a single floor or multiple floors. These blocks (the entire building, usually one or more) contain multiple apartments. This is a term used commonly in Nigeria. However, they still refer to the terraced system of buildings. This is so, as the blocks house identical apartments separated by a single wall or a stairwell.


A penthouse is an apartment or unit on the highest floor of an apartment buildingcondominium, or hotel. The luxury features of a penthouse apartment differentiate them from the regular ones. The term ‘penthouse’ originally referred, and sometimes still refers, to a separate smaller ‘house’ constructed on the roof of an apartment building.

Here in Nigeria, a percentage of the populace classify penthouses as a house in Nigeria. Please note that a penthouse is an attachment (like an add-on), and is usually on the highest level of a building, hence the names “penthouse, pent floor“.


At the mention of the word “Mansion”, luxury is the accompanying term. A mansion encompasses enormous spaces with exquisite finishing. A mansion houses one family and most times are in estates. They have a minimum of 1000 square meters in area.

Mansions usually have specially designed rooms meant to accommodate leisure activities of a particular kind. Rooms such as mini cinema, enormous swimming pools, outdoor and indoor sporting areas, library.

These definitions here help one know how types of houses in Nigeria are classified. If I missed anyone, kindly let me know in the comment section.

If you have questions, the comment section is there for you.

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  1. Nice write up, I find this very informative and you covered most of the types of housing available in Nigeria. Many individuals still can’t differentiate between terraces and semi detached houses and you helped shared some light on that. However I think shared apartments are coming to popularity in some parts of Nigeria, taking Lagos for example many millennials and young adults reside in shared apartments as it is more affordable compared to other types of accommodations available. Shared apartments also offer a handful of advantages it’s residents enjoy including;
    shared utility bills, joint furnishing and access to more space.
    what do you think about shared apartments ? should they be considered as a type of housing ?

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