Kitchen Designs in Nigeria | Get the Inspiration You Need From These Designs

Are you looking for kitchen designs in Nigeria? This article is for you.

So many people dream of the perfect kitchen. They can see images in their head pertaining to the kitchen style they so desire. However, it is not enough to just dream about perfect kitchen designs in Nigeria, you need to create the ideal kitchen idea. 

When deciding on a layout for your kitchen, your choices are to a great extent dictated by the shape and size of your room, but that doesn’t mean you have to be restricted when it comes to the design.

There are so many kitchen designs in Nigeria and across the globe. Selecting any of these designs comes with a number of corresponding factors needed to suit the design. Without further ado, I will cut to the chase on the various kitchen designs in Nigeria and how to achieve them.

Various Kitchen Designs in Nigeria

Single Wall Kitchen Design

Kitchen Designs in Nigeria

After your structure is ready and you eventually have minimal space, the single-wall kitchen is your option. Just like the name implies, it involves arranging all your cabinets in a single line. These single-line cabinets are positioned along the wall on one side of the kitchen. This kitchen design is ideal when you have a space in the region of 2.4 meters and above in length, with a corresponding width of 1.5 meters or more.

With this kitchen design, maximum utilization of space can be achieved. You can arrange your cabinets in such a way as to accommodate your sink, shelved cabinets, cooking unit, and a small number of upper cabinets, all in a single line. For kitchen designs in Nigeria, this is the most common in 1, 2 bedrooms serviced apartments.

To allow for maximum utilization of space, there should be no window along the wall of preference for this design.

L – Shaped Kitchen Design

Kitchen Designs in Nigeria

The L – shaped kitchen forms an L right off two adjacent walls, just as the name implies. It gives you functionality like never before. With the L – shaped kitchen design in Nigeria, you have ample space to put in as many cabinets as you want. It also provides you with good flow in your kitchen, thus putting everything you need within reach, and making it a joy to use.

When you have multipurpose spaces. the L – shaped kitchen design is ideal. It restricts your work zone to just a section or area of the space, hence leaving the rest of the space free.

U – Shaped Kitchen Design

Kitchen Designs in Nigeria

The U – shaped kitchen design is a classic design across the globe. It is also the most popular among kitchen designs in Nigeria. Apart from being the most popular, it is also the most practical kitchen design. If you ever wonder about having lots of storage cabinets or want to fix a good number of appliances, this kitchen design is for you.

For this kitchen design to be fully functional, be sure to have at least 2 meters of airspace between opposite cabinets. This is to allow for efficient movement, as you carry out duties in the kitchen.

Galley Kitchen Design

Kitchen Designs in Nigeria

The galley kitchen design is similar to the single wall design albeit with a corresponding opposite cabinet. The goal of this kitchen design is to maximize space and is usually very effective in small spaces. Galleys are designed to be compact and ergonomic, just like a ship’s kitchen. That is where the name emanated from.

This kitchen design is preferred by professional chefs as it allows for maximum productivity. It allows for effective workflow between the fridge, cooker, and sink (classic working triangle). In cases where there is enough space, an island can take up the second galley position, thus creating a sociable seating area. Classic and very efficient among kitchen designs in Nigeria.

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The above-listed kitchen designs in Nigeria are the basics and are found in almost every household. You don’t have to stick to the few listed designs above, as you can be creative and make the most of your kitchen space. There are several other kitchen designs not peculiar to Nigeria but result in a great kitchen facade.

Island Kitchen Design

This kitchen design comes into existence the moment you put up an island in your space, hence the name. The island is compatible with all the above-mentioned kitchen designs in Nigeria. This is achievable only when the airspace around the island is 900 mm minimum. The island kitchen design allows you a get-away space from the cooking area, giving you more room to prepare your meal.

How about more storage cabinets? The island ensures you get that.

G – Shaped Kitchen Design

The G – shaped kitchen is not very common among kitchen designs in Nigeria, but that’s not to say it doesn’t exist. However, it is just about adding an additional storage cabinet to a U – shaped kitchen design. This gives a “G” impression, hence the name. 

In light of the words written above, treat every kitchen as your personal space. That is the only way to make the best of that space. Priority should be given to functionality and efficiency. The workspace should never be sacrificed. Also, there shouldn’t be a compromise on the accessories and appliances needed in the kitchen. The higher the quality, the longer the durability!!!


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