Price of kitchen cabinets in Nigeria

Price of Kitchen Cabinets in Nigeria

Are you looking to create your kitchen space and want to know the price of kitchen cabinets in Nigeria? Look no further than this article as I breakdown how you can get an accurate cost for your space. For most ladies and some men, the kitchen space gets the most attention. They have the perfect idea in their minds on how they expect their cooking space to look like.

Trendy looking base cabinets, full height wall cabinets, mechanized doors or fancy handles etc. It is good to have a great idea of your expectations. However, it is important to note that “soup wey sweet, na money kill am”. This adage is strong in its sense and very well realistic. There are several factors that affect the price of kitchen cabinets in Nigeria. See below:

Factors That Affect the Price of Kitchen Cabinets in Nigeria

The shape of your kitchen

The shape of your kitchen plays a vital role in the price of kitchen cabinets in Nigeria, as the placement of building components such as doors and windows determines the available space for cabinets.

Design of your kitchen

Are you looking for just normal base cabinets with standard wall cabinets? Or you would prefer tall cabinet units with full height wall cabinets! These designs affect the price of kitchen cabinets in Nigeria as more materials are needed.

Choice of Material

The choice of material also affects the price of kitchen cabinets in Nigeria. Do you prefer HDF, MDF, ACRYLIC or MFC boards for your kitchen carcass? These boards come in matte and glossy finish at different costs. Don’t know the difference between these materials, CLICK HERE to read more.

Would you rather go for granite, marble or Corian countertops? You can also CLICK HERE to view properties and differences.

How about accessories like handles, runners, mechanized levers, etc.

The choice of some of these materials greatly affects the price of kitchen cabinets in Nigeria.

Let me cut to the chase and give you the price of kitchen cabinets in Nigeria using a case sample.

Price of Kitchen Cabinets in Nigeria

For this costing, we would be using a standard kitchen space with dimensions 3600 mm x 3000 mm (client’s available space).

In calculating the price of kitchen cabinets in Nigeria, the following process is done below.

  • The client provides the dimension of the available space. In most cases, the architect visits the site to get accurate measurements directly.
  • A 3-dimensional (3D) sketch of the proposed kitchen space is sent to the client. This design can be reviewed a limited number of times.
  • A quotation would be sent.

For this case sample, dimensions were measured at the client’s site and a draft 3D rendering was sent to the client. The approved image is shown below.

Price of Kitchen Cabinets in Nigeria

After this is done, the next step is to generate a quotation. For this job, view a detailed quotation below.

Cost of HDF (Matte) Boards

The number of boards required for the cabinets after checking MAXCUT is 10 (Ten). Thus:

  • HDF (18mm) Boards required is 10 @ NGN 11,000 each = NGN 110,000
  • MDF (3mm) Boards required for the rear of the base cabinets is 1 @ NGN 2,500 each = NGN 2,500
  • Edge band needed (1mm) is 100 metres @ NGN 100 per meter = NGN 10,000
  • Transportation of Boards = NGN 8,000
  • The total cost of boards and edge tape = NGN 130,500

Cost of Processing the Boards

By processing the boards, we mean cutting and taping the boards. The price ranges from NGN 2000 – NGN 5000 per board. For this client, we cut @ NGN 5000. Hence,

  • Board processing is 10 numbers @ NGN 5000 per board = NGN 50,000
  • The total cost of processing = NGN 50,000

Cost of Accessories

The accessories needed for this project include:

  • 19 handles @ NGN 600 each = NGN 11,400
  • 32 nos door outer hinges @ NGN 250 each = NGN 8,000
  • 3 nos (18 inches) drawer ball runners @ NGN 700 each = NGN 2,100
  • 1 packet of angle brackets @ NGN 2500 per pack = NGN 2,500
  • 1 packet of fisher pegs @ NGN 1000 per pack = NGN 1,000
  • 1/2 inch screws = NGN 2,000
  • The total cost of accessories = NGN 27,000

Cost of Granite Countertop

The total area required for the project is 3.264 square meters. This is always rounded up approximately to the nearest 0.5 thus, 3.5 square meters.

  • Total area of granite is 3.5 sqm @ NGN 20,000 per square meter = NGN 70,000
  • Transportation of granite = NGN 5000 (subject to location though)
  • Installation of granite (within Lagos) = NGN 20,000. (Outside Lagos is higher depending on location)
  • The total cost of granite countertop = NGN 95,000

Kindly note that the cost of granite differs with respect to the quality and components of the granite.

Cost of Transportation and Installation

This is necessary to arrive at a standard price of kitchen cabinets in Nigeria.

  • Delivery and installation (Lump sum) = NGN 50,000
  • The total cost of delivery and installation = NGN 50,000

Professional Charges

The detailed breakdown analyzed here are market prices for all items hence the need to charge professional fees. Standard practice is for most firms to put in their profit as regards the overhead cost of production. At, we detail the production cost and charge 20% of the total fees as profit. For this client, see breakdown below:

Description Cost (Naira)
The total cost of boards, processing, accessories, and granite 302,500
Delivery and Installation 50,000
Sub-Total 352,500
Professional fees and charges (20% of sub-total) 70,500
VAT (5%) 21,150
Grand Total 444,150

Total Price of Kitchen Cabinet

The grand total cost of this kitchen cabinet is NGN 444, 150. Four Hundred and forty-four thousand, one hundred and fifty Naira only. This is affordable right? Yes! It is.

See the image of the kitchen below after installation.



The price of kitchen cabinets in Nigeria varies and depends on the factors listed above.

However, check out price comparisons using the various types of boards.

The other sections of the pricing remain the same, which leads us to change only the cost of boards. In doing your own math, just change the cost of boards using the information below.

MDF (Medium-density Fibre Board), change the cost of a unit to NGN 7,500.

High-gloss HDF, change the cost of a unit board to NGN 30,000.

High-gloss MDF, change the cost of a unit board to NGN 25,000.

MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) (18mm Turkey), change the cost of a unit board to NGN 32,000.

MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) (18mm China), change the cost of a unit board to NGN 15,000.

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