Size of A Plot of Land in Nigeria

Size of A Plot of Land in Nigeria! Metres, Feet, And Square Metres

What is the size of a plot of land in Nigeria? What is the standard size of a plot of land in Nigeria? These are two unique questions that are asked a million times when dealing in real estate investment. Here at thearchitectnig, we have put together this article, aimed at drawing a line of clarity amongst both questions.

In recent times, especially in Nigeria, the size of available land has dropped a little from the recommended standard. People now sell what they have available, as against the right standard. This may be due to what is available as inheritance, or what is available as regards land in a choice area. Also, the development pattern within the area may account for the final size of a plot of land in Nigeria.

Sometimes, available land are standardly shaped, other times they are skewed in shape. There are cases where land is subdivided into sections and resold, not considering access points to the land portions. Due to all of these factors, the size of land may be affected. Now let’s leave the small talk and head into the details of the subject.

What is the Standard Size of a Plot of Land in Nigeria?

The unit measurement of land size in Nigeria is plot, acres, and hectares. These units refer to variable land sizes in square meters, which are a factor of each other. These units are popularly expressed in feet (ft), meters (m), and square meters (sqm). However, before you purchase land, make sure the necessary documents are available and complete.

What is the Size of a Plot of Land in Nigeria? Measured in Feet, Metres, Square Metres?

The word “PLOT” is an arbitrary term coined to deduce boundaries for available land. It is used to specify boundaries of existing land, marked out for a specific purpose. This purpose could range from farming to construction. The standard size of a plot of land is measured 18 m x 36 m (metres), which is equivalent to 60 ft x 120 ft (Feet), and thus translates to 648 square metres.

However, in recent times, the size of a plot of land in Nigeria has reduced to 15 m x 30 m (metres), which is equivalent to 50 ft x 100 ft (feet), thus translating to 450 square metres. This is gradually becoming the norm across the entire federation. This size limits design options, as the buildable portion of the land is reduced after the necessary air spaces have been accounted for.

What is the Size of Half Plot of Land in Nigeria? Measured in Feet, Metres, Square Metres?

Alternatively, people who can’t afford to get a full plot of land result to acquiring half plot which is measured thus. A standard half plot size measures 9 m x 36 m, or 18 m x 18 m (metres). This translates to 324 square metres. With the new standard sweeping all over the country, the size of half plot of land in Nigeria now stands at 8 m x 30 m (metres), or 25 ft x 100 ft (Feet), or 240 square metres.

Size of Land in Nigeria, Measured in Acres

When purchasing a vast parcel of land, it is commonly measured in acres. It is literally almost the size of a standard football pitch and measures 60 ft x 660 ft (feet), 18 m x 200 m (metres), or 4047 square metres. This is its approximate conversion value, and contains approximately 6 (six) standard plots in 1 acre of land.

Size of Land in Nigeria, Measured in Hectares

If you are thinking of an even larger expanse of land, then hectares should be your SI unit for measurement. Land size measured in hectares amounts to 100 m x 100 m (metres), or 328 ft x 328 ft (feet), and amounts to 10,000 square meters. This is approximately 2 acres of land, or 15 standard plots of land in Nigeria.

Conversion Units For Land Size in Nigeria

While explaining land sizes in metres, feet, and square metres, you may have been perplexed as to how we arrived at the various conversion units. The units used in the coversion are listed below.

Unit Conversion Parameters Notes
1 Meter 3.28 feet  
1 Foot 304.8 millimetres / 0.3048 metres In the Nigerian construction space, 1 foot = 300 millimetres
1 Plot 18m x 36m, or 15m x 30m, or 60ft x 120ft, or 50ft, x 100ft Always request for land size in length and width (metres). The land size given in square metres is not sufficient, as the unit “square metres” could take any shape.
1 Square meter 10.76 square foot Multiplying the length by the breadth, all in metres, yields the square meters of a space.


Those intending to invest in residential or commercial real estate in Nigeria should be familiar with the country’s land measurement system. You will be able to make the greatest financial decisions as a result of this. Even though it is a simple concept, it can become problematic, especially when dealing with irregular parcels of land.

As a result, while purchasing land or building a home, it is critical to get the advice of qualified real estate specialists, such as agents, surveyors, and architects.

Frequently Asked Questions? FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions on the subject.

What is the Size of a Plot of Land in Nigeria?

The size of a plot of land in Nigeria varies according to several factors as stated in the article. However, it is one of 18m x 36m, or 15m x 30m, and varies according to location. This translates to 60ft x 120ft, or 50ft x 100ft and approxiamtely 648 sqm or 450 sqm.

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